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Visiting Rainforest Park in Pasig City

So it’s been awhile since my last blog! Other things has been sorta taking over my life at this point, but hey! like any other things we do, we need some break and see what is more important to us ~ and I guess blogging is one of those important things. Anyway, summertime is here […]

Yugatech’s Show Me Your Oldest Photo Contest

(Photo: Jan. 1983/ Buting, Pasig City/ according to my dad that was a week after I was born #1) (Photo: Jan. 1983/ Buting, Pasig City/  #2) That was me! Funny right?! hehe! If it is not for a GE X5 I will never ever post this oldest photo of mine! hihi 😀 will be […]

Goldilock Bakeshop: PAGBABAGO (Changes)

What comes to your mind when you hear the word change? Or let say, what is your reaction when someone wants some changes in his life? Yeah I know, I hear you… it is always for the better. We change because we want to be the best, we want to achieve greatness and we want to […]

Shopping Disaster: Ways to Save Money

My sister and I took a stroll through the mall near our place to see whats on-sale. It was also an opportunity for me to get an idea on what theme to put up on our newly renovated living room. Sale item tags and discounts were all over the place maybe because Holiday Season is […]

Yey! I just joined BC Bloggers’ Party – Want To Know Me?

I am pretty excited (nope! I mean ~ I am really, really excited..LOL) to be part of BC Bloggers 2.  This post will serve as a “get-to-know-post” for each and every member of BC Blogger. How cool was that huh? Never did I imagine that there was an online party on the web.  After learning […]

My Hub

Finally, I am able to start a new “hub” where I can share things that I adore, love and enjoy in life.  From fashion to techi-gadgets, from music to movies, from cool news updates to online earning opportunities and more ~ anything that has “fun and “excitement” flavor to it ,is what I enjoy most. […]

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