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Food Trip: Fried Balut, Tokneneng, Kwek Kwek

Today’s food trip is another type of street food that can be found mostly in every corner of  Manila. Kwek-Kwek is basically boiled chicken eggs dipped or coated with some kind of orange batter, fried and usually served with some vinegar and salt.  It is actually my favorite kind of street food aside from the infamous chicharon […]

Food Trip: My Favorite Ensaymada

For today’s  food trip, I will take you on one of my favorite place to hangout and have some of my favorite food in the planet.  Fiesta Market! is located at Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.  I just love going to this awesome place every now and then, and see what’s new with […]

Food Trip: Chicharon Bituka

One of my favorite street food here in the Philippines is Chicharon Bituka, also known as pork craklings. It is basically pig’s intestine (both large and small) fried to perfection, served with some salt and vinegar.  Its been awhile since I had chicharon for merienda (snack) and it made me drool a bit in front of […]

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