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Everybody has a Dream~Top 9 fave Jessica Sanchez

I am such a fan! I can’t deny that season 11 is my most favorite season of American Idol ever! It is obvious from my previous post that I am rooting for Jessica Sanchez and I always talk about her awesomeness even her auditions wasn’t aired on tv.

I’m inspired again to make a Collage – Prom Dress Look

Project Lotus ~ Blush Band Search on Channel V

Blush is one of the newest girl band in the music industry that is becoming more popular for its continual success in the Billboard charts. I first learned about Blush on the summer of 2011 after watching  their very first music video, “Undivided” Incoming search terms:blush bandblush girl groupblushblush girlbandblush groupgroup blush

Jessica Sanchez Top 24 Performance-Feb. 29, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Top 24 Performance- Feb. 29, 2012 Singing “I Love U I Do” by Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Sanchez received a standing ovation from the judges.

Team Jay! Jessica Sanchez on TOP 24 American Idol 11

It is funny how I started blogging about Jessica Sanchez not getting some air time on American Idol audition (in San Diego) and not getting her story featured from the start.

Jessica’s Amazing American Idol Group Performance

Jessica Sanchez nailed her group performance in the recent American Idol elimination held in Las Vegas. She only proved that she deserved to be part of the top 24!

Whitney Houston RIP (dead at 48 )

Whitney Houston dead at 48 Incoming search terms:supersurf120

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