Money Online: Work as a Transcriptionist in the Philippines

Like what I promised, I’ll be sharing some ways wherein you can make some money online in the Philippines.

When I first started to find work online I always saw the word “transcriber” and thought it is only for those who has a background on medical transcription. I used to avoid that path and would only do easy task online. But due to its popularity online ~ be it medical or general transcription job ~ I tried it out since there is always available work about it online. It seems that a lot of companies are hiring transcribers or transcriptionist nowadays.

But what is a transcriber or transcriptionist?

Transcriber is a person who translates written messages from one language to another or someone who makes a written version of spoken material.

As a Transcriber or Transcriptionist you are responsible to type the audio recording to text. Most audio transcription company only hire those who has experience on online transcription (such as in medical transcription) and they usually select US applicants.

But even is you don’t have any experience with transcription and lives in the Philippines you can still apply for the job and start to work online.

The following are sites that I tried and quite popular on wahm site;

  • Scribie ~ pays $10.00 per hour of audio recordings

Scribie and Transcribeme also has short audio which pay cents and both offers general transcription job which is a lot easier for newbies.

Both transcription service made payments though Paypal. :)

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