How to Make Money Online in the Philippines

Make Extra Money Online in the Philippines for 2013

With different scam sites lurking on the internet, we tend to be misled if there is really a way to make money online without spending a dime. My answer for that is YES. Ofcourse, the only thing that you will be spending on is your prescious time and yeah, your internet bill. 😀

If you are living in the U.S., making money online is quite easy in a sense that there a number of job in America that can be done at the comfort of your home. Such as telemarketing  jobs, call center work and other phone based and non-phone based jobs. But if you are in Asian country such as the Philippines, work online is not a typical word you would hear. Others, will even think that you are just fooling yourself for trying out to earn money online which is kinda disappointing.

Most typical work online that you can get as a starter is filling up survey forms, which for me is kinda boring, time consuming and  ughhh! I never get to earn from them really that is why I am bitter about it (LOL). Unlike if you live in the States, the case is different. And there’s what they called PTC site, as a beginner you could see a lot of it online but as you go along you’ll find that it is  more of a waste of time especially if you don’t have referrals like I do.

The best way to start to make money online is to build a blog (like any other bloggers would suggest) but while you are building your creative writing ideas you may start trying  out some other online work such as;

1) Paid To Post – posting on Paid to Post Forum Sites. You could be hired as a Forum Poster or join as a member.

2) Short Task Jobs – accomplishing short task for a certain rate.

3) Writing Jobs – there are tons of sites wherein you could start sharing your ideas and hobbies and earn from it

4) Transcription Jobs – you can be hired as one even without any experience. (ie., General Transcriber)

5) Odesk Work (and other similar per contract online work) – skilled jobs online (ie., graphic designer, VA, etc.)

6) Media Influencer (Facebook and Twitter account needed) – posting ads on your facebook and twitter

and a lot lot more!

As I go along, I will be sharing some helpful sites and ways from which you can earn some extra income on the side. Since vacation time is fast approaching here in the Philippines, its is the best time to share some ways and insights on how to make an extra money online.

’till next time. :)

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