SimSimi made me laugh so hard

Even before Siri became so popular in the tech world, there’s this cute intelligent app that has been chatting or I say bugging its users since 2002. :) Although, Simsimi was not so popular back then, it has started to create a buzz in 2010 from its avid fans who shared the information through social networking sites such as twitter, tumblr and facebook.

Simsimi is an advanced “chatting robot” with over a million users around the globe. It was created by ISMaker which is a Korean tech company which specializes in collective intelligence service. Simsimi is available in different platforms which includes iPhone, iPad and most android devices. It is free in the App Store, (ready for downloading) and you can also chat with Simsimi directly from your web browser through Simsimi Web.

Simsimi can be so funny and weird all at the same time. You can ask it anything and it will give you an answer right away. The funniest part of talking with simsimi is getting a crazy response that you don’t expect to get from an app. But the thing is, it was a collective idea so it catches what others are saying or contributing. The best part of it is, it talks your language! Yes, Simsimi is available in different spoken language and even your local dialect.

LOL! You can ask this yellow thing anything and it can surely make you laugh. :) Move over Siri, Simsimi’s popularity is taking over you (lol!… quite unsure about that!).

Because of this lil’ chick’s crazy responses, SimSimi quotes and funny lines are spreading all over the net especially in tumblr and facebook.

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