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Blogging has been part of my life for almost two years now and it has been an exciting journey for me to share ideas and information to my readers. ¬†Every “blogger” has its own reason in writing journals online, whether to convey simple ideas and share personal experiences or to teach techniques and share expertise, blogging is surely a great way to spread information and entertain others.

For new bloggers, there are different blogging platforms wherein you can start your own personal blog or any desired theme for your blog which could be about technology, fashion, photography etc. The following are the most popular free blogging site to start your blog.

BLOGGER is the most popular and well-established free blogging site that has a large number of user base aside from wordpress. Blogger’s interface is very easy to use especially for those who are new into blogging. You can easily add and arrange page elements and edit your page layout even without having any knowledge on html. Blogger has also made some updates on their interface which gives more option to its users.

WORDPRESS ( is another web-based free blogging platform that gives you an option to have your blog hosted on a paid web hosting site (such hostgator, godaddy, freehostia, etc.) and/or have your own domain depending on purpose of starting a blog (earning, business, etc). Or just use the extended version which is the open source package similar to Blogger . If you just like to have your own personal journal and don’t have the intent to monetize your site, (i.e., is a great option. WordPress has a huge number of plug-ins and applications that is important if you want to have a more professional looking site or blog.

TUMBLR is becoming more popular than it was four years ago. It has become a favorite among fashion and photo bloggers as well as teens and students who just love micro-blogging. ¬†It was said to be the “fast form of blogging” wherein you can post text, photos, quotes, music and videos easily. With its clean interface and wide community like that of facebook and twitter, no doubt that Tumblr is another emerging social media platform we have today. One unique feature that Tumblr has is “ReBlog” or reblogging. Unlike any other blogging site, you have the option to reblog other’s post or images which is very similar to social networking sites such as twitter.

There are also some other site that offers similar platform aside from the above mentioned blogging site. Here are the following;

Actually, there are so many (rather, too many) to choose from. :) It all falls down to what suits us best and what platform is more benefiting to us.

Happy blogging!

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