What Makes A SmartPhone A Genius Phone?

Smartphone users are on the rise, with the advancement of technology we are opt to choose what type of mobile product suits our needs best. More often, we are bound to choose a certain brand that carries a promise of delivering “smart” to smartphone.

But the real question is, “was it as smart as you expect it to be?”

What if it can do more than just a regular smartphone can do?

I’ve seen and tried out countless mobile products and there were times that I am still on a look out for a much more cooler stuff, something that can provide me more than the usual, more than the average. I want a phone that is beyond smart, a phone that has an attitude, has some edge and character.

Most of my friends and colleagues prefer using a touch-screen, high-end phone and especially that of a smartphone.  It is just that I can’t help but notice why most of  them change their phone unit  from time to time while some would even carry more than a single phone.

Is it because their current smartphone ain’t just enough? Or maybe the issue of total satisfaction is not present? and so I’ve decided not to get just any smartphone.

I should have a GENIUS phone instead! 😀


My kind of genius phone should have all the features that I need and more. I am a person who’s on-the-go and would always want to be updated with current news and all sorts of social media. With that, I want my phone to act as my laptop/notebook wherein I can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

I love blogging and I love to blog about the places I’ve been, the food that I like and the gadgets that I adore and to highlight such story I need some good images. A great camera phone will be an awesome thing to have without worrying about not having a digital camera on my purse. :)

A genius phone is all I need anywhere I go whether I’ll need to record a video in high definition, play games, check my mail, update my blog and listen to music.

And the best part of it all, I have found the phone that I am looking for.

LG Electronics, leader in providing innovative digital products and services has come up with an ingenious solution to provide consumers with the best smartphone products in the market.



It ain’t just your average smartphone, it is actually a genius phone. Here’s why;


Hailed as the World’s 1st Dual Core smartphone, LG OPTIMUS 2X is two times faster plus, with lots of cool stuff to offer than any other regular phone.

With its amazing capabilities I am not surprised that one of my office-mate has it and it became an opportunity for me to learn more of  its features. (image as shown below;)

LG Optimus 2x is very slick and stylish. Its 4 inches display and 10.9mm thickness is just perfect for your navigation. The display screen or background is dark, which also offers some rich and clear images  that brings classic feel to the phone. I love its back panel which has some type of rubbery material that makes me want it to hold it more  and the stainless “Google” strip at the back tells me its a cool phone. :)

MySmartHub.com: LG Optimus 2X

Some of its key features includes;

  • Dual Core (NVIDIA TEGRA™ 2)→ we all know the advantage of running a dual-core processor in a pc. In my case, I have two laptops, one of which is using a dual-core (the newest one) and its undeniably faster than the old one. I can’t imagine running  multiple application in a smartphone can be possible such as, playing your favorite games while listening to music or surfing the net while receiving incoming calls. With this phone, you can definitely multi-task!
      • Having the NVIDIA TEGRA™ 2 dual-core processor will able you to enjoy multi-media applications to the fullest.
      • It also ensures that all application run at maximum velocity, which is perfect for game enthusiast like me.
  • 8 Megapixel Camera w/ LED Flash → with an 8MP autofocus camera, I don’t need to bring my digital camera with me all the time. It will be perfect in capturing any special moments in high-resolution. It also has a front-facing secondary camera (1.3 MP) that makes video chatting more fun.
  • Full HD Video & Playback → it has 1080p resolution and could play videos in full HD. It offers vivid and clear images which is a great way to relive memories.
  • HDMI Interface → one of its best feature is content mirroring through HDMI Interface that allows us to view whatever we see on our smartphone, whether its a game or a video, we can view it on a larger display like that of an LCD that supports HDMI connectivity.

      • I am one of those who got hooked with Angry Birds and I have been playing it on my browser (Chrome) for quite sometime, with LG OPtimus 2x I can now more enjoy playing it on my 32″ LCD TV screen. :)
  • High Definition Surround Sound → LG OPtimus 2x is the first mobile device to bring 7.1 multi-channel virtual surround sound!  That could only mean one thing ~ fantastic sound experience. What else can you ask for? 😉

Other specification are as follows;

    • 123.9×63.2×10.9mm
    • Gingerbread up-gradable
    • Android 2.2 Froyo
    • W-iFi 802.11/DLNA (through smartshare)
    • Quandband, 3G/10.2 Mbps/HSDPA, HSUPA
    • 8GB Internal Memory
    • Micro SD up 32 up to 32 GB
    • Bluetooth
    • 1500 mAH (battery capacity)
    • 512 MB RAM



A smartphone that is truly remarkable should be of World Class.

LG Optimus Black is not only stylish and sophisticated, but also one of a kind. It is World’s first Brightest Nova Display, Worlds’ First Wi-Fi direct technology and World’s first 2Mp Front-facing camera which by the way makes my jaw drop! :) LOL! Love it! ♥

That is how a genius phone should be made of.

Other specification includes;

    • 122x64x9.2mm
    • 109g (weight w/battery standard)
    • 1500mAH (battery capacity)
    • 7.2 Mbps HSDPA
    • Android 2.2 Froyo
    • Wi-Fi
    • 5MP camera resolution
    • 720p video
    • 2GB Internal Memory
    • MicroSD up to 32GB
    • Bluetooth
    • HTML
    • Gesture  UI and G-key
    • Seamless Uni-window front (mm thinnest point/9.2mm thickest point)
  • World’s first Brightest Nova Display→has 4.0″ IPS LCD that provides amazing ultra bright display that lets us read or browse both indoors and outdoors. It is so perfect for internet addicts (such as myself) who loves to browse the net for a long period of time. With LG Optimus Black I could read my emails and browse the web with optimum clarity.
      • NOVA display also saves 50% of energy compared to regular LCD thus, it provides more efficient battery consumption.
  • World’s first 2Mp Front-facing camera → I love to self-portrait but my current mobile phone has a very low resolution. But with LG Optimus Black, I will be able to self-portrait with such a higher resolution or quality.
  • Worlds’ First Wi-Fi direct technology my current phone is using an Access Point whenever it sends or transmits data  like when I surf the net. But whats great about LG Optimus Black is, it allows you to transfer data without any AP ~ which is a lot more faster and easier. It is also 20-times faster than Bluetooth 2.1.

To sum it up, LG OPTIMUS 2x  and LG OPTIMUS BLACK are indeed beyond smart digital products. To be included in “Guinness Book of Record” and to be the “World’s First” in developing innovative ideas are pretty remarkable.

~  ~ It is actually GENIUS! 😀

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!

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3 Responses to “What Makes A SmartPhone A Genius Phone?”

  1. jennifer says:

    Do LG optimus still have discount promos….like 20% to 50% off? where can I find those? thankz.

  2. admin says:

    I am not sure if there is any but for UPDATES you may check or visit their facebook page and website. http://www.lgoptimus.ph/

  3. […] Another discount promo for LG Optimus 2x this year, same with LG’s dual sim phone A230. LG mobile has been putting their high-end phones on sale, again. It was just last July 2011 when they held the Optimus Mega 10 Day Sale at Cyberzone (SM Malls) and have also created an online contest for their Optimus Black and Optimus 2x. […]

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