Goldilock Bakeshop: PAGBABAGO (Changes)

What comes to your mind when you hear the word change?

Or let say, what is your reaction when someone wants some changes in his life?

Yeah I know, I hear you… it is always for the better.

We change because we want to be the best, we want to achieve greatness and we want to succeed.

PAGBABAGO definitely sounds heroic in a sense that not everyone appreciates it. Change is a scary thought for some and a frightful idea for others. Indeed, life itself is a constant change ~ even the world we live in is a changing capsule, a battle field and a roller-coaster ride that we have to face each and every day. It is created by our own choice and decision. It could also be brought by our own luck, destiny and by our own faith.

The bits and pieces that happened in my life are the specs that completes my whole being.

As I ran into the pages of my yesteryears I can’t help but to smile, laugh and be grateful of what I have become.

I remember my mom loves to prepare great home cook meals for us and I was her spoiled little brat girl. Being the youngest, I am somewhat the favorite child. The “bibo” toddler and entertainer of the family. Never experienced to baby sit a younger sibling since, I am the bunso in the family.

All I know was to play all day and ask for pasalubong. I get what I want in an instant if not, I’ll do whatever it takes to please my parents to give me what I like.  LOL!

I was like a hawk from a distance and used to stare on my dad or mom’s bitbit to see if they have something for me, either to munch on or to play with.

I guess that’s every kids antics.

My mom’s favorite dessert was Goldilock’s polvoron and so do I. Whenever I see or eat one, it reminds me of her ~ that sweet and simple dessert like the laughter and memories we shared together.

I was 11 when my mom passed away and everything changed dramatically.

While I was enjoying my teenybopper years, both my brother and sister who at that time attending private school had to stop their collegiate years and had to work for the family. Since then, I realized how important life is and that I need to work hard to be able to support my family, when time comes.

No more bratty Me, no more “I get what I want” kind-of-thing and that I had to be strong for myself and for my family.

I became pretty active in school and graduated as one of the Most Outstanding Student in my class (Rizal High ’99).

I entered college and grateful for receiving a Full Scholarship Grant from The University of Manila where I finished Business Admin. Major in Marketing.

I have worked in different companies and finally landed as a banker.

Happy and fulfilled of being able to provide for my family. I can definitely say that I am a whole new person and that my love for my family and life changed in a whole new perspective. The challenges that we have faced all throughout the years will never break us ~ not even Ondoy. :)

Now, both my brother and sister have their own set of family. Never have I imagine to baby sit in my entire life. Having these wonderful nieces and nephew are the nicest gift I can ever have. I may once have been a spoiled kid but, I don’t think I can top these cuties for being so spoiled to their aunt.

They are all my little bratty angles. :) They are like different flavors of Goldilocks’ tarts and cakes ~ they are all sweet as a honeycomb from my favorite food shop.

Before, I was the one who waits for pasalubong from my dad and mom. Now, I am the one who always have bitbit for my family.

As I reached the last pages of our family photo I have come to realized that Goldilocks has always been part of our lives. I am a bit surprised that Goldilocks witnessed the changes in our lives especially our happiness, success and achievements. It has always been a huge part of my life. It is always present on our important occasion and celebration.

From my sister’s wedding to all our birthday celebration. On my school graduations and even for a simple day like ~ today.

Maybe because “You are Pinoy if you have Goldilocks” and that as a family we are thoughtful and loving like this global brand.

Pagbabago is always an excitement journey for me and I am expecting for more “changes” to come  ~ in my life, my career and whatever life brings.

Like Goldilocks‘ milestone and achievements for not just being a “brand” but a Filipino Institution, I, myself will positively embrace more challenges and  journeys that life may bring.

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“Ang Sarap Magmahal ng Pinoy”

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