Shopping Disaster: Ways to Save Money


My sister and I took a stroll through the mall near our place to see whats on-sale. It was also an opportunity for me to get an idea on what theme to put up on our newly renovated living room. Sale item tags and discounts were all over the place maybe because Holiday Season is approaching.  I was overwhelmed with all the items on sale and ended up buying a lot of things that I don’t even need or doesn’t have any value at all.  It was a disaster and I only realized it was indeed a disaster when my credit card bill showed up haunting me with the figures I have spent on my shopping spree. LOL! :)

That is why I gathered practical ways to save money and how to spend it wisely. Here are some of the things that I have tried out;

Cash vs. Credit Card your choice between spending “cash” or “swiping” cards must be put into great consideration.  I made sure to bring my credit card only on important occasions such as when I am out of town. I choose to spend cash in most cases with that I am avoiding myself in paying incurring interest and unwanted bills brought by credit card companies.

Membership Cards, Discount Coupons I just love keeping discount coupons and membership cards that I can use every time I purchase an item.  Getting VIP cards will surely help you in the long run because they often offer more privileges and discounts than of a regular customer.

If you happen to love online shopping  make sure to find discount coupons and/or codes online. Site such as FREECOUPONS, COUPONMOM and COOLSAVINGS may give you free coupons and discount codes on items you want to purchase online.

Signing-up for your favorite stores’ website I made sure to be notified on my favorite shops’ promos and events.  There is a clothing store here in Manila that I totally adore I joined their mailing list and in that way I am getting lots of info’s with regards to “what’s on sale” and other promos for the coming months.
Stick to your plan! :)

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  1. Thanks to online marketing, it makes shopping easier and accessible.. Coupons are readily available and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.. :)

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