Online Inquiry: HDMF/Pag-ibig Fund Members (Philippines)

Last March 2010, I was asked by my company to provide some information with regards to my Home Development Mutual Fund also known as Pag-ibig. I started working since 2003 from different companies until later on I found a job that I stayed for more than 4 years.  Within that span of years (7 yrs) I was not able to get hold some details or information of my past contributions.

HDMF or Pag-ibig was created and established by Philippine government to aid financial help and services to its members. It is basically one of the requirements that every company (private/public) should follow and by that, every employee in the Philippines should be a member of pag-ibig. One of the basic benefit or program it provide is housing loan which for me is so important.

But let’s face it, its quite hard to call our government agencies since most people inquire through phone so I thought it is best if I go online and look for an option.

I was happy to learn that I could actually make some inquiry online and ask about my monthly contribution with different companies I have worked with.

So I sent an email last Mar 01, 2010 provided my previous employment details and I got the response the next day (Mar 02, 2010) which I am so grateful about. :)

For inquiries on your Pag-ibig fund you may send an email to;

or you can visit their official website –>>>¬†here.

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17 Responses to “Online Inquiry: HDMF/Pag-ibig Fund Members (Philippines)”

  1. admin says:


    or at to post your inquiry.

  2. Henry P. Gasga says:

    what can i do if start again my contributing,because i am already offsetting..i am a OFW..

  3. may I know my pag-ibig number?

  4. jesah nelle moneva says:

    Does Pag-ibig has an online inquiry? what is the website? And how can I get my Pag-ibig Number?

    Thank you

  5. Conrado T.Tesalona jr says:

    i want to apply my salary loan and i check my previus loan

  6. admin says:

    hi jesah,


    Also, visit their main website @ or here at this link —> HDMF

  7. admin says:

    For inquiry with regards to your PAG-IBIG account please visit

    or call 724-4244

  8. GILBERT says:

    good day admin! I worked in a company for 8 months and I was not able to get my PAG-IBIG number when I resigned. Now, I am a regular employee on DEpEd and when I was hired I did not put my PAG-IBIG number for I dont know it. My question is: Will I start a new PAg-Ibig number or the dep ed will update my contributions under my previous employer? hoping for your reponse. God bless!

  9. admin says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Kindly email Pag-Ibig/HDMF at or call them at 724-4244. You may also fill-up their form and address your concern at

  10. ian h. says:

    thanks sa info.. try ko mag-email sa kanila para malaman ko yung pag-ibig number ko.

  11. Approve po BA ung loan Ko.

  12. Liezl says:

    how much is my monthly deduction in my calamity loan?

  13. I want to know my pag-ibig identification number

  14. Rosematie young says:

    Gud am mam , I’d like to know what is may PAGIBIG no. Can you please help me thanks .

  15. Nagloan po ako sabe magttxt nlang po cla for pick up my cash card hangga ngayon hindi prn po cla nagttxt

  16. Can i hve my pag ibig number?

  17. Cherrylyn D. Lazaro says:

    what is my pagibig number…

    Thank you!

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