Food Trip: Fried Balut, Tokneneng, Kwek Kwek

Balut, Tokneneng, Kwek Kwek

Today’s food trip is another type of street food that can be found mostly in every corner of  Manila. Kwek-Kwek is basically boiled chicken eggs dipped or coated with some kind of orange batter, fried and usually served with some vinegar and salt.  It is actually my favorite kind of street food aside from the infamous chicharon bituka and fish balls. Its orange coating is somewhat makes the food appetizing and delicious. The batter is basically consist of flour, water, food coloring, pepper and salt to taste.

Aside from kwek-kwek another typical street food that are commonly sold in the Philippines are Tokneneng and Fried Balut. Tokneneng is another fried coated boiled egg but this time it is a quail egg. It is rather small and tastier than the first one. I like it most when dipped with some chili sauce and vinegar. But hey! It sure small but the calorie it has are much higher than those of chicken eggs.

Balut is another unique food that our country are known to have. I am not a fan of balut because I have this weird-crazy experience eating it but, some would  actually prefer this exotic delicacy than anything else. My dad loves it as well as my sister. They both like fried balut and guess what, they even eat it with rice. Funny right?!

Above is a photo I have taken in the street of Pasig where I usually buy my favorite tokneneng. :)

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One Response to “Food Trip: Fried Balut, Tokneneng, Kwek Kwek”

  1. reyapot says:

    yum! i just had kwek-kwek this afternoon.. :-)

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