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Philippine election day is fast approaching and in no time we will be having our new appointed official serving our country. In that moment we will witness their promises and that is if they will tremendously make a great impact in our country’s growth and development. I’m sick and tired of hearing huge political plans and ambitions, promises that are way too far to reach and actions that are just a mere word that will never exist in the future.  But instead of raising my gorgeous left eyebrow and pouting my Angelina Jolie lips (har! har! har!) :) I would rather read Makoy’s awesome blog and join the fun with his newest contest online. Ohhh yeah! This will serve as my fab entry to Humor Me Makoy Contest. I just can’t help but to laugh and agree on his previous topic unveiling political situation in the Philippines.  His Loren Legarda Is So Fake in Harapan VP Debate made me cry with laughter and I can’t get over with the photo attached to his post. :) Sooo wacky! It is funny in a way that we Filipinos still find humor even in crisis like this but, it was evident on Makoy’s post that we want big changes for our country’s future.

Philippine presidential candidate and ousted former President Joseph Erap Estrada waves to supporters in Taytay

I, myself have watched the recent Vice Presidential Debate aired on ABS-CBN and it was obvious that Loren Legarda didn’t deliver well, both in stating her future plans and way of speaking words.  The latter might confuse you but really she was like a kid lost for words. I went nuts when she was asked this freakishly easy question, “Who is the person whom you see the traits of a good public figure, that is not a member of your family?”.  And her answer was… “My Mom”. I was like…”Final answer?  Uhmm…would like to phone a friend?”  Hehe! I mean, seriously?! :) Anyway, it was not so long ago when Former Pres. Joseph Estrada created a huge buzz in our country. I don’t want to go on his political dramas because we all have witnessed it, right?!  I don’t want to make fun of him as well (ahehehe!)  and don’t want to make Erap Jokes either.  But this guy made my Millennium celebration so fun and it has been ten years now and I still can’t forget his New Year Eve’s countdown. Do you remember back then when people are so curious on what’s gonna happen on the eve of 2000? My family and I are watching the New Millennium countdown (year 2000)  where Erap joined the celebration at Luneta (Rizal Park). I am in the middle of enjoying the cake that my sister bought us when I heard Erap say …..15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 11, 9…. HaHaHaHaHa! :) (hindi nga?!) The piece of the cake I’m eating lodged in my throat, I was laughing so hard that my entire face turned red because of Erap’s funny countdown. It was hilarious! It was even better than end of the world! LOL! :) I know you remember that, do you? *wink*wink.

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