American Idol: Songs of Inspiration Theme, Idol Gives Back

American Idol Gives Back Volunteer Program

This week’s Idol was just amazing, aside from the fact that there will be an Idol Gives Back again, AI contenders’ theme was Songs of Inspiration. The best theme of the season I should say since, every song should inspire and every artist should serves as an inspiration, one way or another. One of my favorite part of the show is Idol Gives Back, where artist come together for a cause. This is an event where previous contestants of American Idol gather and show some support and love to help people in need. I am really excited about it but first, here are some highlights for today’s theme.

I am ecstatic to see Alicia Keys as guest mentor for today’s episode. With her unique musical style and tremendous impact around the globe she finds way to give back by supporting HIV victims in Africa. Shes one of my favorite artist today, not only shes a top selling RNB artist but also a 12 time Grammy winner.

So here is my quick recap of the recent performance of the remaining Top 7 Idol contestants;

Casey James‘ version of “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac was good but not as good as his previous performances. According to Randy Jackson, he must step up his game a little bit and show some greatness now while Simon find his song choice lazy and with zero emotion. I certainly love his talent in playing the electric guitar, I think it was excellent he also has some good voice quality right there but he must step up his game more, like the judges were saying.

On the other hand, Lee Dewyze’s performance was great! I think it is one of his best performance, yet. Ellen loved it as well as Simon and thought his performance was brilliant. I totally agree on that.

Tim Urban’s version of Goo Goo Doll’s “Better Days” was a little short for me. I honestly like him now, after he stepped up his game on his last Idol performance. I was being unfair (I think) when I said that he was just a pretty face but clearly the guy is improving his craft and I think he has the potential to be a great singer in the future. But today’s theme which should inspire people to listen to his song was not that successful. I find Ellen’s critic funny by saying that his performance was like a soup ~ sometimes good but there are times that his performance was not that good. I find it hilarious! Well I hope he’ll make a come back next week.

Aaron Kelly sang “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. It is a big song and everyone knows it and to hear his version made me a bit upset. But he sure have a great vocal power but I don’t really love this particular performance from him. Simon don’t love it either and said that he will turn off the radio if ever he’ll hear his version on the song. I find it so funny.

Siobhan Magnus sang one of my favorite song from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but “When You Believe” doesn’t suit her voice very well. I find her style and singing a bit old fashioned and the arrangement that they did was not that great nor appealing. Ellen liked her rendition while Randy says it was an okay performance. Simon on the other hand got distracted on her dress that has some leaves ( it was butterfly according to Kara) on it. LOL. It was funny.

Mike Lynche did a really good job on Nickleback’s “Hero”. For me, he made the song so wonderful. I love it so much. Although it reminds me of Spiderman movie, Simon was right on that. But he certainly showed what the show is all about.

Lastly, Crystal Bowersox made me cry because she put her heart on the song (“People Get Ready” by The Impressions) her ending remark was so emotional and brought some tears on her eyes (and on me too). I think shes really good.

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  1. Kroniks says:

    Hey during one of informercials on Africa where the Mother dies giving birth to her daughter theres a piano based, very melancholic song in the background. I`ve been searching around on the web for the name of this song but no luck. Do you know the song?

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