My Asus Eee PC

My Asus Eee PC

I call it my “baby” for it has been with me for over two years now. :) My Asus Eee PC was my very first netbook or subnotebook that I fell in love with. It is slick and small that I can carry it on my bag almost everyday. It is very lightweight (.092kg) and its board/display only measures 7 inches. It also has 8G SSD storage that is perfect for my everyday notes and has built-in camera and microphone and  high definition audio speakers. Perfect for a “chat-addict” and “musicaholic” like me.

But sad to say it “died” on me last night while surfing the net on my favorite coffee shop. :(

Since I always have its AC adapter/charger, I had it recharged on the shop that I am in but, it powered down even it was connected to the power cord. I tried a couple of things to had it restored but it seems that I need a new battery for my baby.

I have a desktop at home but I rarely use it for I am more of a laptop kind of person. Currently, I am working with my HP 14.5″ laptop that I bought last December.  I guess starting today I should learn ways to prolong the battery life of my laptop. My brother always tells me not to plug or recharge it 24/7 for it can lower its battery life. I was a bit hardheaded about it and always left my PC “on” for two straight days or more.  I’ll never gonna do that anymore since a laptop battery is a bit pricey now a days.

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