I’m a Makeup Diva

I must admit that I go crazy for “fab” makeup products and I tend to hover on beauty stores to check out my favorite cosmetic brands.  Then lately, I was a bit surprised with the amount of items I have on my beauty bag/pouch, I got tons of product line from lipstick to foundation from blusher to mascara ~ name it, I’ve got it all.  Not just on my pouch but also in my room cabinet, shower and other places where I store stuff.

Then I realized how important beauty really is or  is it just a fad thing that mostly women got enticed to?
I always believe that we should always represent ourselves in the best way we can.  And having a nice blusher and a pink lipstick is not a crime at all. :)
But I make sure to  clean my face after a big night out or after that busy day of having some makeup on.  Don’t want some greasy oil and stubborn dirt on my pores.
Taking care of our skin is a priority in having a pretty face.  More than a great makeup brand, a good  facial cleanser is a must in having a clear and fabulous face.

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