How To Use Entrecard To Promote Blog

Many blog owners are dying to get some traffic on their site especially those who are just starting out. Learning SEO, getting your own domain and paying some web hosting are key factors for your site to be indexed with top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. But if you are a normal blogger that doesn’t have the tools that I’ve mentioned, you go for alternative way to get some traffic while you are still on the process of getting ahead of your PR or Alexa.

Entrecard is a good option in getting some viewers or visitor. What amazes me is that, there are great bloggers and website owners who uses this tool thus, it shows the effectiveness of this program. I really believe in decent traffic, legit traffic that doesn’t violate any terms in adsense or any affiliate program and I guess Entrecard qualify to legit traffic in all sense.

Now, what is Entrecard? If you are new with Entrecard you’ll probably ask how this thing work. Entrecard is the first online virtual economy that helps online businesses, blogs and website owners to increase traffic to their site. What great about it is, it offers three unique services which are; Social Networking platform, an Advertising network and a Marketplace.

You earn credits by dropping entrecard on other member’s blog/site and the points that you gathered can be used for placing ads. You can also earn EC on their other programs and also sell credit on the market place.

I like entrecard. I got to see other blogs that I love such as Business, Diaries or Personal Blogs, Technology and more. I also meet nice people along the way. If you are not a member yet you may take a look of the site.

See you on EC.

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