Earn Money From Your Tweets: How To Make Money With Twitter

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I must admit that I am one of those who love to “tweet” either from my mobilephone, notebook or personal computer. I think tweeter is one of the most popular social network site or media that we have right now. Popularized by some celebrities, tweeter has become one of the most used social network to update friends and families. Well, not just celebs but normal people who wants to share their stuff and views online. But if you want to monetize your tweets and want some extra cash, you can definitely apply as a “publisher”/”tweeter” to one or more tweet advertisers or companies.

  • SponsoredTweets –  if you are familiar with IZEA and PPP or SponsoredPost you will definitely get an idea about this site. SponsoredTweets is under izea corporate site and have recently launched their twitter advertising platform which connects their advertisers to tweeter users. Here, the advertiser selects and makes an offer to tweeter to whom they think is suitable as their publisher.
  • Revtwt – is one of the most popular sites to get revenue from tweets. They offer two earning scheme which are CPC and CPT. Cost per click are normally granted if you have 50 + followers and you’ll get paid for every click on your tweet. Cost per thousand followers (CPT) on the other hand is more profitable because you have fixed fee based on the number of followers you have. They have recently suspended their “auto post” which I think is great because, you’ll get to choose the type of ads you want to tweet or share. They also have categories where you can select your desired ads. Honestly, their rate is pretty low compare to other advertisers that I knew of but, the number of ads you can tweet in a day are better than any other site.
  • Adly – Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Soulja Boy, Dr. Drew and Audrina Patridge are known publishers of ad.ly. Their featured advertisers are huge which includes NBC, Sony, Microsoft, Universal and a lot more. What I like about this site is you’ll get paid “per tweet” and they will estimate your cost per tweet with the number of your followers and in that case with celebrities, your “status”. It was actually calculated with algorithm. Here, they send their publisher a message whether or not to accept the ads. Once you have sent a tweet, your earnings will automatically be updated. The only downfall I think with this site is you need to wait for advertisers to pick you as their publisher. But a single tweet with a designated/fixed amount is really good.
  • MyLikes – No doubt “mylikes” is my most favorite advertiser on tweeter. I’ve mentioned it on my previous post and until know I’m satisfied with this program. The publisher/tweeter is called “influencer“. Here, you disseminate information from the “sponsored likes” that are available on your home page. From the title of the site itself, you got to choose the ads or sponsor the “you like“.

What I do is, I visit the ad site first before posting it on tweeter. It gives an idea about the product or services that I’m publishing. With that, I’ll get an information about the site which I might like to try-out as well. There are wide categories of ads you can choose from. Cost per click is the scheme of the site. Although it is a CPC, the amount per click is relatively high compare to the other site. My favorite part of it is that you can also create an “embed mylikes” on your blog or website. Thus, it gives you more opportunity to earn. You must have more than 100 followers to be accepted in the program. And also, the site has on going promos to boost your earnings.

There are other legit ways to earn from twitter and I will update my blog in days to come.

So what makes you a good tweeter/tweet publisher?

Honestly, it is a bit weird to think that you get tweets from different people talking about different info’s and in particular some products and services. I must say that there are limits and condition in every action that we take. I personally  go with the things that I normally believe in. Knowing the TOS of twitter is a must. Sending multiple advertisement in a single hour can cause your account to be deleted or banned. Getting followers is a must but, I should recommend to get “real” people on your tweeter and not just bots that will serve as a dummy on your friend  list.

Happy Tweeting!

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