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We all have different style when in comes to fashion. Cool clothes and shoes are two major things that I totally adore. Mix-matching of clothes, choosing the right stuff to wear and spicing-up a regular clothes are the things I enjoyed the most. I am extremely particular in choosing the right clothes to wear. It should always be embedded with my personality and characteristic. My style is my own thing. I always wanted to put some personality and originality on my clothes.

As a child I love to sketch clothes, doing some rough-drafts of the things I wanted to wear but I never realized that I can do it online.

Yes, there are sites that allows you to be creative in making your own designs. I particularly love these two sites that I’ve learned months ago and up to now I’m sort of addicted in making some fashion collages and shoe designs.

Shoes of Prey is one of the popular online store for shoes right now. This site allows you to create a specific design of your choice with their one-of-a-kind online technology.  They have beautiful patterns available and wide selection of colors, materials and textures for your kind of shoes. I happen to love making different designs from flats to high heels, from extremely outrageous style to a more simpler one. Their shoes cost between $180 to $280 plus shipping.

There is another site that is becoming my favorite and it is called Polyvore.

Polyvore is the only site where I can create beautiful fashion collage easily.  It has popularity among artists, trend-setters and designers. With its easy-to-use virtual styling tool you can definitely do almost anything in creating a high-fashion photo for clothes, shoes and accessories. The site offers a lot of things, it has a community where you can share your ideas and creations with other members and an online store where you can shop your most desired clothes.

I love these site because most of the brands are in here and you can easily drag and drop the clothes on your board and start designing.

With these two great sites my style improved more and I got to see different variations when it comes to creating your own look .

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